Image of the Braille Me Braille Display

Braille Me Braille Display

  • $750.00

Braille Me is a new refreshable braille reader from Innovision. The Braille Me uses groundbreaking new technology involving magnetic force to power the braille display, which slashes the cost while maintaining high a quality display. It has 20-cell, 6-dot refreshable braille and a braille keyboard. The braille display had routing buttons below, as well as page navigation buttons to the left and right.

Files can be accessed by an SD card for reading, editing and searching. You can also rename and delete files from the device. The editor supports .TXT, .BRF, and .BRL files.

The Braille Me can connect via Bluetooth with your smartphone or tablets (iOS or Android) and it can connect through USB to a computer with an NVDA screen reader for a seamless braille and audio experience.


Braille Display: Six-dot 20 Braille cells with cursor routing keys
Keyboard Type: 6 key Perkins-style
Ports: Micro USB, SD card slot, DC jack
Interface: USB v2.0, Bluetooth smart v4.2, SD card upto 32GB
Language: Supports 40+ languages
Supported File Formats: .TXT, .BRL and .BRF
Battery: 10 hours, 1.5 hours to charge(AC adapter)
Size & Weight: 18.8 cm x 13.8 cm x 2.9 cm (W x D x H), 580g
Warranty: One-year limited parts and labor warranty


Screen readers

Android: BrailleBack 0.95.1 +
iOS 11.3 : Voiceover
MacOS High Sierra+: Voiceover
Windows 7+ : NVDA 2017.2+

Electrical parameters

Charging: 19V/1A
Charger AC socket: AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz, 1.0A