Absorptive Filters

  • $60.00

Accommodate to lighting conditions wherever you go

Product selection was defined in collaboration with a team of low vision experts. The tint selection is perfectly adapted to suit various needs. The clip-ons can be easily attached to most prescription glasses. Users can easily carry one or more of their preferred tints to adapt to a variety of lighting conditions in their environment.

Purpose according to tints 

The Lambda medical filters combine the benefits of plastic lenses (thinner, lighter and more impact resistant compared to glass) with a precise tint process that ensures a perfect reproducibility in spectral transmittance. They provide excellent lightfastness since the pigments used in the process are chemically and physically stable. Pigments will not fade over time with exposition to sunlight.

  • Clip-ons can be easily attached to most prescription glasses
  • Maximize contrast and reduce glare
  • 100% UVA/UVB protection
  • Lens with scratch resistant coating
  • Eight (8) solid tints and four (4) polarized tones clip-ons available