BIGtrack 2 Wireless Trackball

  • $137.00

The new BIGtrack Wireless is a mouse designed for users who have difficulties with fine motor control. The large 3-in (7.62-cm) trackball and the broad base of BIGtrack Wireless make it easy to move the mouse cursor while using gross motor movements of the hand, arm, or foot. Once the user positions mouse cursor, the two oversized left- and right-click buttons are easily accessible

BIGtrack Wireless features:

  • Wireless connection via Bluetooth or included USB wireless adapter
  • Use accessibility switches for left- and right-clicking (switches not included)
  • Make dragging and dropping easier with Drag Lock
  • Low powered laser mouse sensor decreases power consumption by 80% compared to the original BIGtrack design
  • Requires 2 AA batteries (not included)

BIGtrack Wireless is compatible with:

  • iPad with iPadOS 13 or iPhone with iOS 13 or newer
  • Computers with the latest macOS or Windows operating systems
  • Chromebooks
  • Most other devices that can use a standard Bluetooth or USB mouse

Drag Lock

The drag lock feature enables a user to move objects on the screen without having to hold the mouse-click button down. To activate the drag lock feature, the user positions the mouse cursor over the item on the screen they would like to move. Once the user positions the cursor, double right-click to lock onto the item. Once locked, the user can move the item with the trackball. Once the user reaches the desired location, activate either the right- or left-click button one time to release the item.

Switch Access

BIGtrack Wireless includes two 1/8-in (3.5-mm) mono/TS accessibility switch jacks. Connecting an accessibility switch on the left side of BIGtrack Wireless will allow the user to left-click via the accessibility switch. Connecting an accessibility switch on the right side of BIGtrack Wireless will allow the user to right-click via the accessibility switch. Accessibility switches not included.