Monocular Handheld Telescope

  • $255.00

When stepping closer is not an option, a telescope is the ideal solution for quick spot viewing tasks at greater distance. The monocular handheld telescope can be particularly useful to see the details in distance and close-up focus such as locating an object, street signs, houses and bus numbers. They are available in a range of magnification powers. As magnifying power increases, the field of view generally decreases. However, the greater the magnification power, the more fine detail people with low vision will be able to see using the telescope. The focal barrel allows to set the ideal viewing distance easily. The lens multi AR coating eliminates reflections to provide a comfortable viewing.

  • Focusable monocular handheld telescopes
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Choice between 4X, 6X, 8X magnification
  • Perfect for spot viewing a wide range of items at distance
  • Can be used at near, intermediate or far distance viewing
  • Achromatic optics with multi AR coating
  • Comes with a case and neck strap