Mountbatten Whisperer Learning System

  • $5,555.00

The Mountbatten Writer and Mountbatten Learning System have been designed to introduce students to Braille literacy in a fun and inclusive manner. Its versatility as both a teaching and a writing tool makes the Mountbatten the ideal choice for students of all ages, from pre-school children at the very early stages of Braille instruction to high school students looking for an efficient way to produce mathematical equations and other Braille materials.


With Key features:

  • Develops awareness of Braille symbols and characters by utilising audio response to reinforce which commands are being entered
  • The ergonomic keyboard facilitates literacy activities and spontaneous play for young children, long before they are physically able to use traditional mechanical Braille writers
  • Simple editing functions for correcting and erasing
  • Develops technology concepts and Braille reading and writing as life skills
  • Assists with inclusion and participation. The students work is displayed on the Mimic screen
  • Can be used as a graphics embosser


  • MIMic visual display - an LCD display allows easy supervision by sighted teachers and can store up to 32 pages of Braille
  • MB COMM - Free software for the PC to transfer files between the Mountbatten Braille Learning System and the PC

Mountbatten Comparison Chart